A Competence Model
Youth worker competences

In this document, we understand competences as an overall system of values, attitudes and beliefs as well as skills and knowledge that we use to successfully manage complex situations and tasks. Self-confidence, motivation and well-being are important pre-requisites for a youth worker to fully make use of his/her competences.

We chose a multi-dimensional approach for this competence model. First, we describe the competences. Then each competence is divided into attitudes, knowledge, skills, and behaviours. The competences complement each other. Some aspects highlighted under a given competence might be repeated in others. We made a conscious choice of what fits best in which area. Therefore, it is important to see the competences together as a whole and not independently.

The competence model consists of the following eight competences:

  1. Facilitating individual and group learning in an enriching environment
  2. Designing programmes
  3. Organising and managing resources
  4. Collaborating successfully in teams
  5. Communicating meaningfully with others
  6. Displaying intercultural competence
  7. Networking and advocating
  8. Developing evaluative practices to assess and implement appropriate change

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With the support and the contribution of:

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